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This week...
Christmas Jazz 2014 Concert No 4: Estonian Voices 30.11.2014 16:00 Kumu auditorium

Kadri Voorand, Maria Väli, Mirjam Dede, Mikk Dede, Arno Tamm and Aare Külama.

Exhibition "First female photographers in Hiiumaa" 28.11.2014 Long House of the ...

A selection of images by Hiiumaa women photographers Helene Fendt and Elisabeth Nurmik as well as their personal belongings and objects from Soviet era work environment.

Exhibition "Railway Gardens" 28.11.2014 Rakvere Theatre

The exhibition presents an overview of gardens situated by the railway, which runs through the city of Tartu, as well as railway gardens near Tartu through the spring, summer and autumn of 2013.

Exhibition "Galloping through Europe" 28.11.2014 Tartu Toy Museum

An exhibition of colourful and quaint custom-made teddy bears made by the artist Larissa Koh.

Coming soon...
Traditional Dance Festival "Sabatants"

The festival "Sabatants" promotes and defines Estonian dance culture.

Põltsamaa Cafe Day

During Põltsmaa Cafe Day anybody can open up a cafe serving their favourite foods!

February Alternative 2015

The 2015 February Alternative serves as finals for Lelle Alternative festival series.

Musical Christmas show "Save Christmas"

What happens when Christmas joy is lost in the overflow of shopping and presents that it no longer shows?

The Bench

A humorous and touching story about a homeless man who celebrates Christmas alone on a park bench. Something happens to him, however, and his life may never be the same again.

Christmas performance "Minting a lucky coin"

This is a handicraft activity which anyone can manage to do. The minting of a special lucky coin is mysterious and exciting.

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