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This week
3rd Narva Medieval Festival 30.06.2018 Narva Castle

Narva Museum invites all history-lovers to Narva Castle from June 30 to July 1, where the medieval days will be resurrected at the Narva Medieval Festival in cooperation with the Teutonic Order from St. Petersburg.

Anu Raud’s exhibition "Landscapes of My Fatherland" 25.06.2018 Estonian National ...

An overview exhibition "Landscapes of My Fatherland" by Anu Raud, Estonian textile artist and professor emeritus, will be opened at the Estonian National Museum.

13th Baltic Triennial in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius 25.06.2018 Vilnius Contemporary ...

In 2018, nine Estonian artists participate in the largest art festival in Baltics.

Main exhibition of the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial "Cloudbusters: Intensity vs. Intention" 25.06.2018 Contemporary Art ...

This year the Tallinn Print Triennial celebrates its 50th anniversary. The main exhibition of the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial "Cloudbusters: Intensity vs. Intention" will open on the 1st of June at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM).

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My Fair Lady

One of the most popular musicals of all times may almost have not been written at all.

Street Art Festival "Rural Urban Art: Põlvamaa"

In summer 2018 a new street art festival focusing on small towns will kick off!

Baltoscandal 2018: Gala

Author: Jérôme Be (France)

Traditional Dance Festival "Sabatants"

"Sabatants" is a unique festival that aspires to appreciate and preserve traditional dance culture.

Sweet Spot festival

This summer’s sweetest weekend will bring together a lot of lovely people, delightful music, tasty bites and exciting pieces of art – all that very close to the heart of Tallinn.

Kihnu Sea Festival 2018

The tradition of Kihnu Sea Festival was born in 2010, the festival is named after a famous song by the local folk singer Järsumäe Virve.

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