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This week
Arabesk – gala of ballet schools 30.03.2017 18:00 Theatre Vanemuine ...

In early spring 2017, the unique international gala of ballet schools takes place in Tartu for the fifteenth time.

Tallinn Music Week 2017 27.03.2017 Tallinn ...

TMW is one of Europe’s leading city festivals with a carefully crafted line-up of various art forms for a curious mind.

Concert by Kullaketrajad "Aia äärest laia ilma" 02.04.2017 15:00 Salme Culture Centre

Dance ensemble Kullaketrajad celebrates its 65th anniversary with the concert "Aia äärest laia ilma" ("From the Home Garden to the Wide World").

Concert "Seven Brothers" 30.03.2017 19:00 Kuressaare Culture ...

Ethno-jazz concert by Estonian, Latvian, Russian and Faroese musicians.

Coming soon
Ballet "Don Juan"

Ballet-farce by Giorgio Madia

17th Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival "Moisekatsi Elohelü"

17th Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival "Moisekatsi Elohelü" takes place on April 21-22, 2017, at Mooste Manor in Pôlva County.

Culture Dessant 2017

Culture Dessant is the festival organised by the students of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy for the fifth year already.

Tallinn Book Fair 2017

The National Library of Estonia and the Estonian Publishers’ Association invite everyone to the annual spring book fair in the National Library.

Concert by Kärtseptsioon

Concert by Kärt Männa (vocals) and Kärt Anton (electro-acoustic violin).

Concert Series “In the galleries of Kumu”

Live contemporary music in the galleries and exhibition halls of the Kumu Art Museum – right in the center of live contemporary art. Listeners will gain an inspirationally deep experience of the art, as well as the music.

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