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This week...
Baltic Sea islands' union B7. Exhibition "Flow" 23.08.2014 Kardla Power Plant

Kärdla Power Station houses an exhibition of the Baltic Sea islands' union B7 art project.

Muusikasuvi Antoniuse õues 2014 28.08.2014 20:00 St Anthony's ...

Summer highlight in Tartu!

Exhibition by Concordia Klar and Peeter Ulas "Between Heaven and Earth" 23.08.2014 Kuressaare Fort, ...

Kuressaare Fortress houses an exhibition of Peeter Ulas' (1934-2008) large-scale pine tree drawings and abstract pastel drawings as well as Concordia Klar's (1934-2004) plant graphic art.

August Dance Festival 2014 23.08.2014 Kanuti Guild Hall

International performing arts festival 21.-31. August 2014

Coming soon...
Elderly Festival

The Elderly Festival is the biggest festival in Estonia aimed at 60+ people. It attracts about 3000 elderly people from all over Estonia.

Jazz season opening concert: Sofia Rubina Band, DJ Hedvig Hanson, DJ Erkin Antov

Sofia Rubina is a radiant and alluring performer. Her communication with the audience and love for music light up the atmosphere at her concerts.

Can I Be Mozart?

"Can I Be Mozart?" was the most awaited for event of the Russian Theatre's jubilee season. One of the boldest and most exciting performances - an audiovisual feast for the eyes and the soul.

Story of the Tree Fairies

There is a tree in the forest, home to two fairies who don't know each other exists. They have never met. One day this is about to change.

4th Common Chord Festival

Common Chord Festival unites different forms of art - poetry, figurative art, music - as well as the philosophy of freetowns. It takes place once a year in Paide.

Arvo Pärt Days in Tallinn churches

Nargenfestival's summer season ends, as tradition goes, with Arvo Pärt Days at the beginning of September.

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