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This week
Exhibition "System & Error" 24.02.2018 Contemporary Art ...

Ordinary life is made of eventful junctures, constant surprises and adjustments that go beyond all attempts to rigorously plan and design things.

2nd event of the exhibition series "Origins": Peeter Allik's exhibition in Kursi village 24.02.2018 Kursi
Põltsamaa parish

The exhibition by Peeter Allik opens in Jõgevamaa, Kursi village, where the artist was raised.

Concert series Improtest: Erik Alalooga 23.02.2018 19:30 Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Footprints on snow are more anonymous than our everyday habits. Every move we make will leave traces behind. All data will be saved somewhere.

Exhibition dedicated to Johannes Uiga's 100th anniversary 24.02.2018 Tartu Art House

Johannes Uiga’s one-hundredth anniversary in the Tartu Art House.

Coming soon
Hippie Revolution

A theatre production part of the Estonian theatres' project Centennial Story that focuses on the years 1970-80.

15th World Film Festival

The World Film Festival is primarily dedicated to documentary film art and creative documentary filmmaking, which aims to build a bridge between filmmakers and audience.

11th Jõhvi Ballet Festival

For the first time, there are three theatres at the Jõhvi Ballet Festival.

Runic Song Room at Estonian National Museum

Runic Song Room is a series of events where experienced traditional musicians will be fore-singers and participants will have the opportunity to sing along.

New production by Renate Keerd

Author, director, artist and musical designer: Renate Keerd

Sound and dusk festival "Night of the Estonian National Museum"

Vernal equinox brings sound and dusk festival to the Estonian National Museum.

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