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Tartu City Day 29.06.2016 Various locations in ...
Tartu parish

On June 29, on which Tartu City Day is celebrated, the opera leaves its quarters to visit the city in the morning already.

Summer exhibition "Resort Fashion" 28.06.2016 Pärnu Museum

"Resort Fashion", the joint exhibition by Pärnu Museum and Jurmala City Museum introduces the prevalent fashion of casual clothing and accessories in the Estonian and Latvian resorts from the end of the 19th century to the 1990s.

Tallinn Flower Festival 2016 28.06.2016 Towers Square Park

The city of Tallinn will organise the International Flower Festival in the Towers Square Park, from 20 May to 26 August 2016.

Conference "Estonian Language and Culture in the World" 28.06.2016 Philosophicum, room ...

The fifth conference "Estonian Language and Culture in the World" will take place in Tartu, June 28-30, 2016.

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I Peipus Lake Festival

The 10-day lake festival sails on Lake Peipus for the first time.

Kihnu Sea Festival

The Kihnu Sea Festival was named after a song made famous by the local folk singer Järsumäe Virve. The festival stems from the good old Fishermen Day tradition but involves every aspect of life in Kihnu.

12th Pärnu Opera Days

In 2016, Pärnu Opera Days will take place for the 12th time.

Seto Midsummer Day's BonFire

Seto Midsummer Day's Bonfire is a culture and music festival, which takes place by the ancient border river of Setomaa - Mädajõe.

Puuluup, talharpas in Köiekoda

Puuluup leads the vibrations of the talharpa through effect blocks and looper and uses alternative playing techniques and ways of making sound.

XXI Põltsamaa Castle Day

Handicrafts fair, cultural programme, castle race, tug of war over the river and dance party.

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