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There are festivals in the Estonian summer! 28.07.2016 All over Estonia

The arriving summer makes one think about vacation. How to spend the short time of light, warmth and rest in a cultural way so that one needn't regret having missed the summer's greatest events, experiences and emotions later?

Mati Kütt's exhibition "The Combed Universe" 28.07.2016 Kondas Centre

Animation film director and artist Mati Kütt (born 1947 in Tallinn) has been called the grand old master of Estonian surrealism.

Tallinn Flower Festival 2016 28.07.2016 Towers Square Park

The city of Tallinn will organise the International Flower Festival in the Towers Square Park, from 20 May to 26 August 2016.

"Siberian Flowers", exhibition of knit patterned mittens 28.07.2016 Estonian Agricultural ...
Ülenurme small borough

All the mittens exhibited have been knitted by the masters of Kagu Kudujad Ltd. (Kagu Knitters).

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Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2016

Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2016 takes place on August 4-6 in Pähklimäe, Türi parish, Järva county.

Our Anniversary Party

August 20 is the day when Estonia celebrates the restoration of its independence. This year, we can proudly admit that our freedom has already been with us for a quarter of a century. Let's celebrate it together on August 20 at Tartu Festival Arena!

St. Lawrence's Day Celebrations in Kuusalu

On August 5-10, the traditional St. Lawrence's Day celebrations take place in Kuusalu.

Leigo Lake Music 2016

The 19th Leigo Lake Music festival takes place on August 5-6, 2016.

XXIII Seto Kingdom Day

For a day every year, Setos declare their own kingdom. On this day, the people of Setomaa elect an ülemsootska – a spokesperson for their king Peko.

Tõrva Loits 2016

Tõrva Loits is Estonia's largest open air spectacle of fire, water and music!

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