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This week
Paul Kuimet's exhibition "Five Volumes" 20.10.2018 Narva Art Residency

On September 29th Paul Kuimet’s exhibition Five Volumes opens at Narva Art Residency (Joala 18, Narva).

Exhibition "Lola Liivat. Spiritual resistance." 20.10.2018 Tartu Art Museum

An overview exhibition displaying the works of the living legend of Estonian abstract painting Lola Liivat will be opened in the Tartu Art Museum on September 7 at 5 pm. The exhibition will stay open until 6 January.

Group exhibition "How to: live. Virtual Biographies" 20.10.2018 12:00 Contemporary Art ...

Three artists – Ingrid Allik, Dre Britton and Laura Põld – display objects inspired by personal life and domestic spaces, calling on viewers to imagine what their biographies might be.

Exhibition "Abstraction as an open experiment" 20.10.2018 18:00 Tallinn Art Hall

"Abstraction as an open experiment" focuses on the implementation and interpretation of abstractionism and abstract systems in recent past and contemporary art.

Coming soon
MØ's concert in Tallinn

Danish superstar MØ announces a new 12-date European tour for November-December 2018, culminating in a huge, 15,000 capacity homecoming show at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. MØ’s friend and sometime collaborator ALMA will support on all dates.

Kumu Documentary: Jaar, Lament of the Images

The film observes the creative and personal process of Alfredo Jaar (b.1956), the most renowned international Chilean contemporary artist.

Renate Keerd "Will"

Author, director, artist and musical designer: Renate Keerd

Prime Mover

A Prime Mover is an impulse to act. It is the giant machinery of the environment, technology, history, sensations and dreams that we are a part of.

8th Tartu International Jazz and Rhythm Music Festival "IDeeJazz"

8th Tartu International Jazz and Rhythm Music Festival "IDeeJazz" will take place on November 9th – 12th 2018 in two cities of Estonia: Tartu (9.–11.11.) and Narva (9.–12.11.).

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