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This week...
The exhibition "Horror stories" ("Õudsed lood") 22.04.2014 Haapsalu Town Gallery

The exhibition "Horror stories" ("Õudsed lood") presents a selection of mainly fictional and symbolic Estonian art, which provokes emotional discomfort and anxiety.

Can I Be Mozart? 25.04.2014 19:00 Russian Theatre ...

"Can I Be Mozart?" was the most awaited for event of the Russian Theatre's jubilee season. One of the boldest and most exciting performances - an audiovisual feast for the eyes and the soul.

German Spring 2014 22.04.2014 Tallinn

Germany has been presenting itself in Estonia with the German Spring events series since 2010. Together with their Estonian partners German organisations put together a versatile programme to show Germany as an interesting, modern and diverse country.

12 Movements 23.04.2014 20:00 Different Rooms Club

Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Different Rooms Club) or ETK will hold an interactive interdisciplinary event combining music, movement and visuals - "12 Movements". Collaboration between Cabaret Rhizome and Aalto University's Media Lab.

Coming soon...
20th Võru Folklore Festival

The biggest annual folklore festival in Estonia brings together almost 400 dancers and musicians from all over the world.

4th Kihnu Violin Festival

Kihnu Violin Festival is a tribute to the violinists of Kihnu and takes place annually on the first weekend of October.

Pärnu Yacht Club Salon Night: Marko Matvere and Peep Raun

Appearing: Marko Matvere and Peep Raun.

Authors' song festival "May Song 2014"

"May Song" means it is spring, it is Tartu and people will be performing their own original works!

17th Suure-Jaani Music Festival

Although there is music for every taste, the festival centres around classical and Estonian music.

Kidise Pond Music 2014

Wonderful music and tasty food, nestled in the ancient forest and fields of Pärnu County, by the lovely Kidise Pond.

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