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This week
Exhibition "Water Music and Other Pictures of Sound. Vladimir Tarasov" 24.01.2017 Kumu Art Museum

Starting on October 21, 2016, the exhibition "Water Music and Other Pictures of Sound. Vladimir Tarasov" is open in Kumu Art Museum.

Documentary evening #25: "Tickled" 23.01.2017 19:00 Cinema Sõprus

The documentary, which generated a furore in Sundance, starts with a brief insight into the essence of tickling competitions (?!), but quickly becomes a nerve-racking conspiracy thriller and a revealing study, the topics of which are far from funny.

Kristjan Randalu Solo 23.01.2017 19:00 Tallinna Filharmoonia ...

On January 23, the internationally active pianist and composer Kristjan Randalu takes the stage with familiar, yet new music. He performs works that have been written for an international trio whose concerts have always been sold out in Estonia.

Exhibition "Changing Tartu in Four Views" 24.01.2017 Tartu Art Museum

Beginning 11 November Tartu Art Museum will introduce its rich collections with a new exhibition on the depiction of Tartu in paintings and prints throughout Estonian art history.

Coming soon
Kolkja Sled 2017

People in the Kolkja village near Lake Peipus have rode kick sledges from generation to generation. This year, will continue the tradition.


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

Simple Session 17

The 17th edition of the annual Simple Session contest series, one of the worlds most prestigious action sports events will take on the heart of the notorious Nordic winter in 2017, taking place on February 4 –5, in Tallinn Estonia.

10th Tallinn Winter Festival

At Tallinn Winter Festival, superb guest artists from abroad as well as outstanding and recognised Estonian musicians, with whom PLMF has collaborated consistently for over ten years, will give unforgettable concerts.

Rakvere High School Film Festival 2017

The largest festival organised by youngsters for youngsters in Estonia brings talented and hard-working film enthusiasts to Rakvere High School in each February.

ENSO: Music of the Future

Concert series "Music of the Future".

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