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This week...
Martinmas with Winny Puhh 07.11.2014 21:00 Estonian Traditional ...

Come to a wild Martinmas concert with Winny Puhh celebrating their 20th anniversary!

Lux Aeterna. Italian art from Estonian and Lithuanian homes 02.11.2014 Kadriorg Art Museum

Italy, the heart of antiquity and Christian cultural history, inspired artists for centuries. These paintings by 16th- to 19th-century Italian masters and their followers include idyllic scenes of antiquity and sublime religious compositions.

Worldwide modern postcard exhibition 02.11.2014 Ave Vita!

Displaying over 300 postcards from 2013-2014.

Exhibition "Estonian Industrial Textile and Design" 02.11.2014 Estonian Museum of ...

Estonian textile industry has a long and rich history, and an important role locally. The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design has also actively done research on the subject in the recent years.

Coming soon...
Vepsa Fairy Tales

Near the Finnish border in Russia, not very far from Estonia, is Vepsia. And there are a lot of stories about these people.

Can I Be Mozart?

"Can I Be Mozart?" was the most awaited for event of the Russian Theatre's jubilee season. One of the boldest and most exciting performances - an audiovisual feast for the eyes and the soul.

Handicraft Fair

Põltsamaa Culture Centre will hold a handicraft fair on 6.10 from 9 am to 3 pm, featuring genuine Estonian handicraft. Workshops for children on the 2nd floor as well as an entertainment programme.

The Ultimate Thriller / tribute to Michael Jackson

Directed by the choreographers of Michael Jackson and created by the organisers and partners of Michael Jackson's world tours Bad and Dangerous.

Meet the puppet: Teddybears

Children will have a fun day meeting puppets through games and singing. Actors Anti Kobin and Riho Rosberg will play with teddybears from the show "Mõmmik".

Gala Concert – Georg Ots 95

On March 21 Estonian National Opera celebrates the 95th anniversary of Georg Ots – the most famous and admired Estonian singer.

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