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This week
Kumu Documentary: Jour de fête 27.05.2015 19:15 Kumu auditorium

A screening of Jour de fête by Jacques Tati (France, 1949).

International exhibition New Nordic Fashion Illustration II 27.05.2015 Estonian Museum of ...

The exhibition presents works by 21 Nordic fashion illustrators and the grand display will be open for four months.

Pärnu international opera music festival "PromFest" 27.05.2015 Pärnu

"PromFest" is a festival for lovers of opera music. The festival was launched in 2005.

Exhibition "Border River" 27.05.2015 Narva Museum

Throughout history rivers have demarcated borders and served as connecting routes. Narva River is the perfect example of the meeting and confrontation between Western and Eastern cultures.

Coming soon
Kilometre of Sculpture

Kilometre of Sculpture (KoS) is an international outdoor art exhibition held every year in the public space of a regional city in Estonia. In 2015 it will be held in Võru, a city in southeastern Estonia.

2nd Peipsimaa Organ Festival

In June, the 2nd Peipsimaa Organ Festival will bring sparkling waves of sound, brilliant organ and chamber music concerts to the churches of Avinurme, Torma, Lohusuu, Kodavere and Räpina, which are the pride of the Lake Peipus Area with their organs.

Summer of Music 2015 at the Antonius Yard

The music of soft summer nights from 18 June to 27 August, every Thursday at 8 PM.

9th Türi Spring Festival Mimicry

Mimicry – I am not me? Small and great lies and deceptions in the animal and human kingdom, the wish or need to seem as someone else, camouflage, stealing someone else's glory - either for protection, fitting in or simply showing off.

Beautiful Concerts in Käsmu 2015

From 4-11 June 2015, you can be a part of six early summer evening with breathtaking music in Käsmu.


The performance Raud-Ants is written by Kristjan Kõrver and produced by Ott Aardam.

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