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“Cultural Bridges of the Baltic Sea” – folk culture days of Sillamäe

“Cultural Bridges of the Baltic Sea” are held in Sillamäe for the 21st time.


27.05.2016 18:00

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Songs of the sea in Räpina harbour

The opening concert of the year of maritime culture takes place in Räpina harbour. The programme includes old songs-ballads of the sea with talk of the golden era of sailing.

Räpina Harbour
Räpina parish

27.05.2016 20:00

Exhibition "Sea as Fate. The Story of a Man from Hiiumaa"

The exhibition is dedicated to the year of maritime culture and takes place in Kassari exhibition building.

Kassari Exhibition House, ...
Käina parish


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Exhibition "Borderless Sea"

The exhibition "Borderless Sea", dedicated to the year of maritime culture, tells about the Gulf of Finland as the place of movement of peoples, goods, different cultures and ideas.

Museum of Coastal Folk
Viimsi small borough


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Windfish Festival

"The programme of the festival includes a fishing competition, the naming of the best fish cook, a fair, thematic workshops for adults and children and a dance party. The main performer is the Onud group."

Kärdla Harbour

28.05.2016 09:00

Thematic day of garfish in Rannarootsi Museum

A programme-based thematic day of garfish.

Aiboland Museum

28.05.2016 12:00

Coastal Trip on the Island of Kihnu

The Coastal Trip that will be held on the island of Kihnu on Saturday, 28 May 2016, as part of the Year of Maritime Culture, will be dedicated to the island’s old ship-building traditions.

Kihnu Harbour
Kihnu parish

28.05.2016 13:30

“Sea Fairy Tale” – the 2nd gymnastics party of Pärnu County

"The sea joins and separates, the sea calls and sends off, the sea gives and the sea takes. The sea is expectation and hope, the sea displays peculiar interesting life.

Pärnu Vallikäär

28.05.2016 16:00

“The Sea Has a Heart” – the 51st song festival of Saare County

"In the Maritime Culture Year, the people of Saaremaa Island sing about the sea and to the sea.

Kuressaare Castle yard

28.05.2016 17:00

Nargenfestival 2016

Nargenfestival is the sea nation’s greatest summer celebration since 2006.

All over Estonia


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