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Our Village Party

A fishing village community festival for all people from the country and city from either side of the sea who are fond of the sea and summer.

Lindi küla
Audru parish

02.07.2016 12:00

Pop Choir Festival 2016

The repertoire of the Pop Choir Festival, taking place for the fifth time already, presents a selection of the best Estonian estrade, pop and rock music.

Tartu Festival Arena

02.07.2016 19:00

Retropol Italofest 2016

On 2 July 2016, the Estonian small town of Viljandi is holding the next ITALOFEST. This is a real treat for anyone who is a fan of nostalgia. Once again, the stage hosts real Italo superstars whose hits are known across the globe!

Viljandi Song Festival ...

02.07.2016 20:00

Schilling Festival 2016

Estonian alternative music festival hosts British Sea Power (UK), Pinkshinyultrablast (RU), The KVB (UK), Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FI), Garden City Movement (IL), and many others.

Kilingi-Nõmme summer ...


Kassari guitars

There are several nice places in Kassari that serve well for organising smaller and more intimate concerts: Orjaku village house, Grill Lest & Lammas, Kassari community centre and, of course, Kassari chapel.

Käina parish


XV Hard Rock Camp

The hardest rocking festival of Estonia, "Hard Rock Camp", takes place once again in Vana-Vigala, for the 15th time this year.

Vigala parish


Pärnu Hanseatic Days 2016

Pärnu Hanseatic Days is a festival of medieval and folklore culture.

Pärnu Vallikäär


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XXI Kihelkonna Church Music Days

XXI Kihelkonna Church Music Days take place on July 1-3, 2016.

Kihelkonna Church
Kihelkonna small borough


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XX Muhu future music festival ''Juu jääb 2016''

Muhu future music festival ''Juu jääb 2016'' celebrates it´s 20th birthday this summer!

Muhu Island area
Muhu parish


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4th Saaremaa Orchid Festival

Instead of buying a flowerpot from a store, take a friend and come enjoy the beauty of flowers on the meadows of Saaremaa!

Kihelkonna Community ...
Kihelkonna small borough


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