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10th Tallinn Winter Festival

At Tallinn Winter Festival, superb guest artists from abroad as well as outstanding and recognised Estonian musicians, with whom PLMF has collaborated consistently for over ten years, will give unforgettable concerts.

Since 2006, the festival has paid attention to those in need in our society. Under the motto "Raise Your Eyes and Open Your Heart", Käo handicapped children centre has been supported over the years to train music therapists and buy instruments. NPO Nirk's everyday transport has been supported and the children of Saaremaa also received funds for buying instruments. Through Pillifond (Instrument Fund) created by PLMF itself, several talented Estonian artists have been supported in acquiring high-quality instruments. In 2015, the year of music, PLMF collected, as a goodwill initiative, means to buy instruments for children only beginning their studies at music schools.

2017 jubilee festival and the goodwill initiative will take place in collaboration with Tallinn City Centre Administration.

The concerts of the festival take place in Tallinn Town Hall, Hopner house, the hall of Tallinn Philharmonics (House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads), Charles' Church and Swedish St. Michael's Church.


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