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5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn: Exhibition Black and White at the Tallinn Art Hall

The exhibition Black and White of the 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn displays drawings from across the world from the last three years.

Opens on 21 Augustil 2015 at 18.00.

The major exhibition focusing solely on drawing aims to pinpoint the state of drawing as an art practice, summarise the previous three years and find ways to develop the field further.

“Drawing has unnoticeably become an integral part of contemporary art and a serious means of expression, which flexibly moves along with the changes that accompany us,” the initiator of the drawing triennial Loit Jõekalda says. He emphasises that as the primary form of figurative art, drawing can function as simultaneous interpretation for contemporary life, constantly adapting to the latest grammar. Jõekalda compares drawing to visual language that can be used to convey messages and guide people to look, listen and understand.

In the 2000s, drawing developed into a conceptual process-based art, becoming a part of curated exhibitions and international major exhibitions, and acting as a bridge of understanding between the old and the new.

The theme of this triennial is black and white. “The Italian term chiaroscuro means a contrast between darkness and light, light and shadow and it gives form and focus to flat surfaces,” artist Britta Benno elaborates, commenting the starting points of the triennial. “We invited the artists to play different scenarios with black and white, life and death and all possible chromatic and achromatic ratios between them.”

This summer the International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn takes place for the fifth time, with participants from 26 countries. The exhibitions are held in August and September at the Tallinn Art Hall, Vabaduse Gallery, Gallery of the Estonian Academy of Art, the Gallery of Design and Architecture and the galleries of the Viinistu Art Museum. The international seminar of the triennial is held at the Viinistu Art Museum.

Participating artists:
Dieter Josef, Josefien Cornette, Judith Duchêne, Philippe Briade, Fxstg, Madeline Deriaz, Mirjam Aimla, Jüri Arrak, Britta Benno, Evelyn Grzinich, Albert Gulk, Ulvi Haagensen, Hannah Harkes, Inga Heamägi, Gudrun Heamägi, Maie Helm, Jarõna Ilo, Anna Litvinova, Anu Juurak, Virge Jõekalda, Jüri Kask, Nestor Ljutjuk, Kaili Angela Konno, Kuzja Zverev, Kreeta Käeri, Tarrvi Laamann, Laurentsius, Heikki Leis, Ülle Marks, Raul Meel, Mall Nukke, Maarja Nurk, Enno Ootsing, Tauno Ostra, Jaanika Peerna, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Aapo Pukk, Anu Purre, Kaisa Puustak, Matti Pärk, Irma Isabella Raabe, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Lembe Ruben, Reti Saks, Feliks Sarv, Sofya Smirnova, Krista Zimm, Jaan Toomik, Maria Kristiina Ulas, Ragne Uutsalu, Valeri Vinogradov, Mare Vint, Marje Üksine, Pirkko Holm, Gryta Radozlav, Tarja Teräsvuori, Joly Laurie, Charlotte Barry, Elodie Lemerle, Frederic Messager, Julien Morel, Lorenz Louise Landoise, Ludivine Venet, Marie Courdavault, Pascal Hugonet, Quentin Arepo, Remy Groussin, Sean Fangous, Stephanie Smalbeen, Thomas Dussaix, Susmar Pinango, Yvonne Calsou, Jessica Soueidi, Eugenia Gortšakova, Kumar Ankur, Barbara Fragogna, Pamela Radino, Liena Bondare, Kate Serzane, Klavs Upaciers, Dana Vasiljeva, Greta Grendaite, Gintarė Marčiulynaitė, Sol Kjøk, Anna Nikiforova, Olga Orel, Sergei Pshizov, Ljubov Serova, Asya Sukmanova, Blažej Baláž, Mária Balážová, Eliska Kovacikova, Juan Perdiguero, Jaak Poom, Ahmed Modhir, Sara Riesenmey

Repro: Jüri Arrak. Piir. Charcoal drawing, 2015

The Tallinn Art Hall is open from Wednesday to Sunday K—P 12.00—18.00.

Additional information:

Loit Jõekalda
co-ordinator of the drawing triennial
+372 5569 6086

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