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Auteur cinema 2018: Trespassers #7: "Samaritan Girl"

Jae-Yeong and Yeo-Jin are friends who collect money for traveling to Europe together. While Jae-Yeong sells her body to older men, Yeo-Jin is looking for new clients for her, albeit she finds them to be disgusting.

In order to not get caught, Jae-Yeong jumps out of the window during the police raid and dies. Yeo-Jin realizes that she must redeem her actions. She decides to do it in an unconventional manner, meeting again with all the men to return money taken from them. However, the chain of events has already begun and Yeo-Jin's father who is a police officer takes the right to judge into his own hands.

Kim Ki-duk opened the European film festivals' doors for the South Korean films with his unconventional works. Often, like in "Samaritan Girl," he borrows religious issues to intimately combine them with provocative stories and at the same time create discomfort and desire to understand the characters. Hints for sex, purity, redemption, rage and melodrama are like Vana Tallinn liqueur with champagne.

The series is curated by Karlo Funk.
Only one screening.

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