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Belgium: Estonian animation at the Anima Festival in Brussels

Anima Festival at Flagey Cultural Centre in Brussels will feature the Estonian animation focus to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. The Nukufilm exhibition will be opened and more than 50 Estonian animated films will be screened.

The 37th Brussels Anima Festival focuses on the animated films of Estonia.

The 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia is celebrated with the spectacular focus at the international animation film festival Anima in Brussels, where the highly acclaimed Estonian animated film art has been highlighted with a special programme. The versatile focus programme has both newer and older Estonian animations - persona focus is on Priit Pärn and Olga Pärn, whose work can also be seen in two special programmes. Priit and Olga Pärn are lecturers and engines of the Department of Animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts and their students' films can be seen at the Futuranima programme, which focuses on the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The Estonian animation thematic programme "Estonian Dreams" consisting of three sub-programmes "Blue Love", "Black tie - Tongue in Cheek" and "White Dreams", gives an overview on Estonian humour, kindness and modesty. Also, there is no shortage of stamina, spark and mystery.

Among the films featured in the programme, there are works from the directors from different generations: there are works by the puppet film masters Elbert Tuganov and Eino Pars, maestro Rein Raamat, Mati Kütt, Kalju Kivi, Rao Heidmets, Riho Unt, Ülo Pikkov, Priit Tender, Kristjan Holm, Chintis Lundgren, Sander Joon and others. Several filmmakers have also been invited to introduce their films in Brussels.

Smaller viewers can take part in the Estonian Children's Programme. One of the most magnificent parts of the special programme is the traveling exhibition of one of the oldest stop-motion studios in Europe, Nukufilm. The Estonian focus will be opened on February 10, when a new short film "Maasikaõgijad" by Mattias Mälk and Joonisfilm studio will be premiered. This is a fantasy film about two strawberry growers whose field is destroyed by the snails. The couple is trying to start a new life in the city, but when the woman gets pregnant, the paranoid man suspects that the snails are also behind that.

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