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Big coastal village festival in a small fishing village – Feast of Our Village

For the third summer already, the small fishing village Lindi in Pärnu county opens its gates and invites all the country and sea lovers to enjoy the summer and the sea.

There will be fish, handicrafts, food, music, and entertainment – only the good one, made in Estonia, by oneself and with love.

The Village Stage and the Harbour Island Stage will have a full-day programme with performers related to the country and the sea; the Village Fair and the Fish Fair will offer only local and self-made/-caught/-grown goods; the Children's Yard will host coastal games; there will be the Net Shed Cinema with maritime films and the Beer Road with Estonian craft beer; fish, village, and home cafés with fresh Estonian food; cruises and guests from abroad. A summer evening dance party with the ensemble Kukerpillid, and a summer night harbour concert.

And a lot else that a summery fishing village, its hospitable folks and their friends can offer. For the third year in a row, in the middle of the summer and from noon to midnight.

Within three years, the festival organised by the community of a small fishing village has founds many friends – we have around 4000 guests, the salesmen of the fairs come from all over Estonia – there will be around a 100 of them as well, and we have received the cultural prize of Pärnu county and featured in the programme of the year of maritime culture.

In addition to those who want to come and enjoy the party, everyone who wishes to contribute to the party by performing or selling stuff is welcome.

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