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Exhibition "European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics - from Baroque Until Today"

A voluminous exhibition of European ceramics will be opened at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design on 20 January.

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design starts the year with a voluminous survey exhibition "European Cultural Lifestyle in Ceramics - from Baroque Until Today" provides a chance to get introduced to the European ceramics history via the perspective of nine countries.

The exhibition, managed by the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (MIC) with the collaboration of all the partners, has the aim to offer to a wide public the contents of the European project Ceramics and its dimensions in order to enhance the value of the different cultural heritage of each country partner of the project.

The exhibition intends to explore the past usage of ceramics in order to better know our present situation, starting from the every-day ceramic production to reach the great possibilities of ceramics in any field, included the world of art. The exchange of mutual knowledge and the sharing of rich ceramic histories will strengthen the role of European ceramics in order to face the difficult future challenges that, in particular, the cultural policies have to carry on. It is necessary to be part of a context where each partner offers a fundamental brick to build a reliable structure.

The exhibition is expected to leave a powerful message, to attract the attention of several targets of audience, without being worried to establish the fundamental and basilar role of ceramics. The exhibition, consisting in a corpus of items coming from the museum partners, will focus the attitude of people towards ceramics from different point of view: historical/artistic, educational strategies and virtual access to collections and heritages.

The exhibition is open until 26 March 2017.

The exhibition is part of an international cooperation project "Ceramics and Its Dimensions" co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Kai Lobjakas


In addition to the main exhibition a cooperation project “Food and Vessel” by the ceramics department of the Estonian Academy of Arts will be on view at the gallery until 26 February 2017.

The project with local cafes and restaurants has been led by the department since 2011 with the aim to connect and relate young designers with real clients. Focusing on special needs and requests of the clients solutions have been developed and selected, many of which are used today. Stepping out of the standardized environment it provides a personal close relationship between the customer and the food.

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Urmas Puhkan

Ingrid Allik

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