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Exhibition "Let's Talk about Things"

The exhibition presents a selection of things that arrived at the Hiiumaa Museum in 2013–2018.

In most cases, they have been taken to the museum collection and have received a number. In the past five years, about 1800 items were taken into the museum, and another 1800 were rejected. What are the terms for including an item in a museum collection? Where is the delicate line that separates preservation from rejection?

Hiiumaa Museum preserves things that have a strong connection with Hiiumaa and with the local culture in a wider meaning. Things that have historical, ethnographic, community-based or scientific value. The museum values things that are either very typical or, on the contrary, very rare. Things that have a relationship with the manifestations and events in our lives. And things that have a clear story and well-described origins.

For the exhibition, we deliberately brought out objects that are very different in nature, condition, and story. The exhibition opens the different points of view of the museum and encourages to think how to preserve our common heritage for the future.

The ways things reach the museum are very different. But they all come to the place where the museum asks itself: to take it or leave it?

The exhibition uses photos from both museum and private collections. The author of modern photos is Toomas Kokovkin.

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