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Family Day of Finno-Ugrian Days

On the family concert of Finno-Ugrian Days, bands from Russian Finno-Ugrian areas and local musicians will perform. The audience can also participate in the dance and song games of the cognate nations.

At 2.30 p.m. the Finno-Ugrian fashion show will start on the bridge, where one can see the work of the fashion designer Tatyana Moskvina (Udmurtia).

Approximately at 3 p.m., the programme will continue in the Hurt Hall with the Finno-Ugrian film programme. The programme begins with the Finno-Ugrian cartoons. Then, at 4 p.m., the poetic documentary Kaisa's Enchanted Forest (Kuun metsän Kaisa, Katja Gauriloff 2016) will be shown.

In the lobby, there is an exhibition of craft, design, and books of Finno-Ugrian peoples.

The organizers of the event are NPO Fenno-Ugria and Estonian National Museum.

Free entrance!