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Festival "The Mountain Sound"

To reach the mountains, one need not look as far as we are used to. We have mountains in our own backyard.

And (not many know about this) - once a year an ancient mixture of sounds can be heard from the mountains, known to the mountain folks as "The Mountain Sound" - deep techno, crackling rock, and shaking rap.

In the walkways under the mountains stories are told, on the base of the mountain people are dancing, and "The Mountain Sound" can be heard from dusk till dawn.

Live-music programme of "The Mountain Sound"

Industrial beat of the industrial region

Performers are:

● Röövel Ööbik
● Gorõ Lana
● St. Cheatersburg
● Dead Furies
● Holy Motors
● Cosmonaut
● Punch
● Ajukaja
● Nikolajev

● Les Spectrales
● Gospoda Horoshie
● Toshiba Astronom
● Fate VS. Free Willy
● Liblikas

● Dave ID
● Regret
● Florian Wahl
● Awlnight
● Catapulta
● Karl Martian
● Typicalflow
● San Hani
● Köster
● Ceekayin2u
● Shauny B

● Intenso
● Endamisi Salamisi
● myspacebabe
● Brandy

Underground mine cinema with the special Ida-Viru programme in cooperation with cinema Sõprus.

The Mountain Sound is supported by: The Estonian Mining Museum, Eesti Energia, Amserv, Repo Vabrikud, Easy Car Rent, Purtse Brewery, Kino Sõprus, and Kohtla-Nõmme, Mäetaguse and Kohtla Parishes.

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