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Film festival "Cinema to the Country"

The film festival "Cinema to the Country", which has grown out of Priit Pärn Animated Film Festival, will bring three colorful weeks to the audience in October, focusing on animation and, in particular, the creation of Nukufilm over six decades.

The first "Cinema to the Country" honors the work of Nukufilm.

Cultural and educational institutions across Estonia can take part of the film festival "Cinema to the Country", showing the festival's various programmes on October 9-29. Today, according to the organizer Indrek Jurtšenko, nearly 100 libraries, cultural and community houses, and schools and kindergartens have already registered, which exceeds all expectations many times.

This year's "Cinema to the Country" focuses on animation and, to a large extent, on the 60th birthday of Nukufilm. So the oldest animation is from 1957 and the most recent one is from 2017.

The festival programme has nine main and three special programmes, animation training, and competition for schoolchildren, young people, and conscripts.

Train animation will bring the festival to the Elron travelers on lines Tallinn-Tartu, Tartu-Valga, Tallinn-Narva, Tallinn-Viljandi and Bus animation will reach the animation lovers on 15 Go Bus long distant buses. The 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigade join the cinema nights of military animation. Animation training for children and schoolchildren will be held on October 9-11 at Tapa Gymnasium.

This year "Cinema to the Country" arrives in almost every county in Estonia. Find your nearest home theater and the likable programmes from the festival homepage and follow us on the festival fan page on Facebook!

Free entrance.

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