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Finland: Kamille Saabre's exhibition "An apple like an Estonian"

Kamille Saabre's exhibition "An apple like an Estonian" will be opened on March 21, 2018, at the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki.

The exhibition features Kamille Saabre's apple paintings and short stories. The stories have an equal part with the paintings on the exhibition. The story helps to understand the painting and the painting, in turn, helps to understand the story.

An apple is like an Estonian. Everyone has their own face. A small defect here and a little scratch there. A smudge on one and a blemish on the other cheek. Gnarled by the winds of time, but still there. Defiant. Full of aromas. Genuine. Not a glossy foreign apple. But rustic, nonstandard, barely goes through the quality control. With the taste of home. Full of memories. An apple is like an Estonian. Not the most representative. Simple. Too ordinary. But totally yours. Survivor.

At the opening of the exhibition on March 21, Mart Saar's miniatures will be played by the piano trio. The trio features Mart Ernesaks (piano), Aet Ratassepp (violin) and Greta Ernesaks (cello).

Kamille Saabre: "The apple tree is resilient – as resilient as the Estonian nation. An apple is like an Estonian, as the title of my exhibition given to celebrate EV100 tells you."

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