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Folk culture party "Estonian Wedding" in Valgamaa

On August 20, 2017, a public wedding takes place in Säde Park in Valga, which is held based on the Estonian wedding traditions of the 19th century.

The grand event brings an otherwise private moment in a couple's life to the public eye and during a day-long event all the parts of a wedding are played out.

Valgamaa's folk culture party "Estonian Wedding" centres on the wedding recreated on the customs of Estonia's 19th century weddings, through which participants are introduced to the wedding traditions.

"The event is organised by Valga Museum, which has acted as a county museum for more than 60 years already and we wish to share the knowledge gathered over a long period of time with the people," Merili Madissoo explained the organising of the event. The party's co-organiser Marju Rebane added: "We want to introduce the Estonian traditions and folk costumes to the public and carrying out a wedding is an exciting way to talk about folk culture." The party is accompanied by musicians from Mäeotsa chapel, Rõõmu choir, ensemble Koidu Tähed, Otava Yo and Untsakad. Atmosphere is added by merchants offering authentic handicrafts and organic produce.

Valgamaa's folk culture party takes place for the third time in 2017, focusing on a different subject regarding heritage every year.

The party is organised by Valga Museum in collaboration with Valga Town Government.

Additional information for the participants of the party and the audience is available at or


Merili Madissoo, project manager,, +732 766 8864
Marju Rebane, programme coordinator,, +732 766 8864

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