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Fourth summer season of Voronja gallery: Peter Belyi "Open Borders"

The exhibition is compiled by St. Petersburg-based artist and curator Peter Belyi, who has involved artists in the exhibition who work on creating connections between the organic and inorganic worlds and use nature or natural processes for creating art.

"Today, art tries to exit the traditional spaces, breaking institutional frames, to, on one hand, guarantee the necessary freedom for the creator, and, on the other, move closer to the audience and be more open," Peter Belyi justified his decision to curate a contemporary art exhibition far from city life in Voronja gallery.

Belyi admitted that giving up the sterile comfort zone of a museum, the form of the art usually changes, too. "In unstable conditions, the process becomes more important than the end result," Belyi explained his choice of creating an exhibition on organic art in Voronja gallery.

The artists who are involved in creating the exhibition of the fourth summer season, reach a crossroads in a way – on one hand, they have to face the nature that sometimes still evokes panic fear, and, on the other, they have to tame the organic world, so that plants, insects, rocks and crystals would take a form in art, which would recreate a harmonious connection between human and nature.

"We have always been open to the choices of themes offered by curators and, in hindsight, all the themes so far have helped us and Voronja gallery change, develop and grow," the gallerists Kaili Kask and Raul Oreškin opened the background of the summer exhibitions from their side. "This summer, the growing assumes a whole new meaning. In the gallery, the works of art will literally grow and the exhibition may change completely during the summer, which might be good news for those who are used to visiting us several times over the course of the summer. Now, the growing and changing works of art give a reason for that as well," the gallerists added, waiting for the arrival of the fourth summer with excitement.

Peter Belyi has been active as an artist since 2003. He has participated in more than 60 joint and solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Milan, Venice, New York, Washington, Miami, Bologna, Nantes, London, and Jerusalem. Belyi's works belong in the collections of several international museums. In 2009, Belyi opened the gallery Luda in St. Petersburg, where he has curated both the exhibitions of Russian artists as well as international projects. Belyi's work as an artist and a curator has been awarded with several important prizes. In 2014, he earned the innovation prize of the Moscow-based national contemporary art centre for his work as a curator.

The exhibition of the fourth summer season of Voronja gallery is Peter Belyi's first curating work outside Russia.

The exhibition is open on Wednesdays to Sundays at 12-18.

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