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Greece: Marge Monko and Marko Mäetamm in Sámos

Marge Monko and Marko Mäetamm are participating in the exhibition ‘Summer of Love’, curated by Katerina Gregos.

The exhibition is taking place at the Pythagorion Art Center on the Greek island of Sámos in the eastern Aegean Sea. It explores the meeting points between politics and love by juxtaposing the socio-political atmospheres of 1967 and 2017 and drawing parallels between them. For this exhibition, Marko Mäetamm has created a new painting series ‘Summer of War’, consisting of posters from 2017 presented through the aesthetics of the 1960s. The wallpaper installation by Marge Monko examines, through photographs and diagrams, the impact of birth control on the sexual liberation of women and the ‘free love’ movement.

Katerina Gregos is curating an exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall, opening in February 2018.

Open: August 4th to October 15th, 2017 with an opening event on Thursday, August 3rd at 8 p.m.
Address: Art Space Pythagorion, port of Pythagorion, Sámos Island, Greece

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