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Kõivualutse Fair 2018

Kõivualutse day will take place in Põlva County, Kanepi parish, Ihamaru village on the birch alley beside the Postitee, which is considered to be the most beautiful road in Estonia. The event takes place on June 9, 2018, at 9 a.m.

This birch alley has been a symbol of the Ihamaru village for decades. We would like to celebrate and recognize this one-and-a-half kilometer long road section with a folk party featuring dance, competitions, trading, and food. There is room for thousands!

The day will be filled with performances of cultural ensembles from near and far.

There will be a fair draw with prizes of diverse products from merchants and sponsors.

If it seems that you would like to do something else in this region, then the Estonian Road Museum and the Põlva Peasantry Museum are in the neighbouring villages and Postitee includes different landmarks and attractions.

Additional information:, phone +372 513 6470

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