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An imaginative little thriller for the whole family where it’s all perfectly clear without a word being spoken!

A dance production for children based on the book by Eno Raud

Director, librettist & designer Katrin Pärn
Director, choreographer, designer & video designer Janek Savolainen

Starring Vanemuine ballet artists

You must have heard about those three characters from that book by Eno Raud and illustrated by Edgar Valter… You haven’t? Very well then.
The Naksitrallid are three funny characters who tell us about friendship, bravery, and resourcefulness. Together, they embark on adventures and save the world. They’re sincere and observant and care about one another, people and nature. Oh yes – and a couple of funny mishaps take place along the way, too!
The Naksitrallid don’t use words in this performance, so theatre-goers should be sure to read the book at home themselves as well.

Premieres on 2 September 2017 at the Harbour Theatre.