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Nature Festival 2018

Nature Festival, held on June 13–16, 2018, inspires people to cherish urban nature and notice the species living side by side with us in this environment.

Festival events are both entertaining and educational and you can learn practical skills to create a more comfortable and natural living environment in the city.

The 4th Nature Festival will also be held outside of Tartu. During the four days of the festival, it will be explored who are the natural neighbors of people in the city and in the countryside, how to live in the city in environmentally friendly manner and much more.

Exciting events are held during the festival: film nights, workshops, nature trips, voluntary work, nature watch marathon. From the beginning of May, the festival programme is available on the website

Before the festival, from April 1 to May 27, a photo contest "Wild City" will take place. More information on the photo contest:

The main organizers of the festival are the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden. Supporters: Environmental Investment Centre, City of Tartu and Gambling Tax Board.

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