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Night of Museums at Eesti Pank Museum

At the Night of Museums on May 20, 2017, visitors can play with money at Eesti Pank Museum!

At the Night of Museums on May 20, 2017, at 18.00–23.00 Eesti Pank Museum is open for visitors.
Games with money can be played at this year's Night of Museums in Eesti Pank Museum. They say that the whole life is a game, but is it worth playing with money? We certainly do! This year, 25 years passes from the birth of Estonian kroon and, on this occasion, it is good to remember both Koidula and the banknote with her picture. Wax figures have come to life in the museum exposition, who help to refresh the memory at the special exhibition and the memory game. The biggest money games and players from history are revealed. Competitions and workshops take place.

Programme of Eesti Pank Museum on May 20

18.00 The museum opens its doors and the game starts!
18.30–19.30 Quiz "Do you remember the Estonian kroon?"
The quiz is open for teams. It is advisable at pre-register at
20.00–20.30 Investment game. Peeter Luikmel, the economist of the Bank of Estonia, teaches how to play in the changing world of interests.
During the night:
Hide-and-seek game at the museum's exhibition
Competitive games with money puzzles
Workshop – make yourself a picture of a kroon!
Instrumental music – musicians of the Bank of Estonia and their friends improvise.
23.00 The game is over. The museum closes its doors.

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