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Night of Museums at the Ice Age Centre: there are games in the ice age!

Several games introduce the Ice Age Centre during this year's Night of Museums.

A hiding drop of water can be searched throughout the building – through the game the players will learn what and who contain water.

This night, for the first time, a new visitors' game is opened in the centre – "Discover through Different Senses". In order to find answers to the questions of the visitors' game the sense of seeing is not sufficient – the sense of touch must also be used. Throughout the game, both the big and small visitors will find out lots of exciting facts about our nature and the surrounding environment.

Barge tours on Lake Saadjärv
Additionally, 45-minute guided tours to Lake Saadjärv take place on every full hour (18.00-22.00) with the Ice Age Centre's barge this night. Ticket 3 euros.
In order to reserve a seat on the barge tour, it is advisable to register beforehand at or +372 5911 3318.

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