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Night of Museums at the Print and Paper Museum

"We will not stop playing because we get old, but we get old, because we stop playing!" - Benjamin Franklin

The Print and Paper Museum invites everyone to explore their inner child during the Night of Museums! In the evening of May 20, games can be printed, folded, and played.

All the activities can be joined whenever it is suitable, pre-registration is only necessary for the tours.

At 18.00, 19.00, 20.00 and 21.00 tours of the museum take place, at 19.00 the tour takes place in English.

To register for a tour, please send the number of guests and time to the e-mail address

At 18.00-21.30 printing the classics of board games on the Gutenberg printing press

At 18.00-21.30 making the board game buttons in the Paper Museum

There is also a playing corner, where one can rack one's brains with Typography Memory and play their own freshly-made board games.

See you!