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Night of Museums in the KGB Cells Museum

You are welcome to the KGB Cells Museum at the Night of Museums. Entrance is free of charge.

The KGB Cells Museum is located in the so-called grey building on Riga hill, in which the Southern Estonian centre pre-trial detention centre of the Soviet Union's security services (NKVD/KGB) were located in the 1940s and 1950s.

The guests can access the basement part of the building where the political prisoners were held. Some of the cells, lock-ups and the basement's hallway have been restored to their authentic look. Other former chambers are filled with an exposition giving an overview of the II World War, the crimes of the Communist regime, Estonia's post-war fight for freedom, and the lives in distant prisoner camps in Siberia.

The hundreds of unhappy souls who ended up in the basement of the "grey building" depict the time spent there as one of the harshest period of their incarceration. Now, everyone can step into the renovated chambers and lock-ups, learn about the working methods of the security services of the foreign power, and see the grim everyday life of a detainee.

Additionally, the temporary exhibition "Documents of the Estonian-British Relationships" is open at the museum.

At the Night of Museums, the KGB Cells Museum is open at 18.00-00.00.