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Potter's wheel festival Kedrafest 2017

On August 13, 2017, the potter's wheel festival Kedrafest takes place at Uhti Avatud Ateljee.


At 10.00 Workshops for pottery and clay works
At 12.00 Performance by the Õnnemaa children
At 13.00 Competition on potter's wheel for adults
Registration until August 1, 2017:
At 14.00 Competition on potter's wheel for children At 15.00 Opening of the pottery burning stove

Possibility to buy ceramic and clay materials ( Eating and drinking are possible in the pub! Only in cash.
Garmon music from Margret!

Possibility to participate in packaging and heating burning stove.
Packing begins on August 8 at 4 p.m. and lasts about 4 hours.
During the night, we burn the 5 cubic meters of wood. The oven cools for 5 days.
Information about the sleeping bags and other info is available from the atelier's hostess: or phone +372 518 7821

Organizer: Reola Cultural Center

Koostööpartnerid ja toetajad: Eesti Kultuurkapitali rahvakultuuri sihtkapital ja Tartumaa ekspertgrupp, Ülenurme Vallavalitsus, Õnnemaa MTÜ, Uhti Avatud Ateljee, Tiigi Seltsimaja, Gleimootor OÜ ja Amenity OÜ

Partners and supporters: Estonian Cultural Endowment for Folk Culture and Tartumaa Expert Group, Ülenurme Municipality Government, Õnnemaa NGO, Uhti Avatud Ateljee, Tiigi Seltsimaja, Gleimootor LLC and Amenity LLC

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