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Presentation of Sten-Olle's album "Kaustik"

Sten-Olle is a musician from Rapla, who has created enough new songs to fill his second album, titled it "Kaustik" ("Notebook"), and is going to launch it at concerts taking place in the beginning of April.

The album presentations take place as home concerts in cosy and intimate places to match the atmosphere of the album:

April 4 Komeedi Street in Tallinn
April 5 Pikk Street in Tallinn
April 6 home concert
April 7 culture club BAAS in Rapla

At the concerts of April 4, 5, and 6, 2017, the number of seats is limited and therefore guests need to pre-register at the e-mail address After the registration, the exact location of the concert will be provided. Home concerts are for free and start at 19 o'clock.
Voluntary contributions are welcome at the concert taking place in Rapla's culture club BAAS.

In addition to Sten-Olle, Aivar Surva, Mari Jürjens, Rauno Vaher, Merlin Porkma, Tiina Mäe, Merike Heidelberg, and Brenda Vasemägi make music on the album.

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