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Pure Mind

Everything is possible.

Andres Maimik (Eesti Ekspress): "You have to be careful - Renate can bite you with her iron teeth. Okay-okay, not literally. Actors on the stage bite, tear, lick and suck one another, but on the level of the senses, the viewer is wrestling equally. Till the end, when the viewer is forced to press oneself into the chair so as not to get a punch against the head with a microphone that flashes through the air like a helicopter propeller. We are all in danger! But that danger is not unpleasant, it's only a part of the big game. Like little kids who are lurking for a monster in the dark room – "Oh, help me, don't! Please don't, help! But do a little more. Make it here too! And here too!" Pure pleasure, no doubt."

Iiris Viirpalu (Müürileht): "The director of "Pure Mind" said only one thing about the production - the people who are opened to biting and purifying are expected to see the show. In the light of the stage every audience member could illuminate their prejudices and after the end of the play go to the street and into the world without any expectations. Without the ideas of how it should be or how it is comme il faut, to let the surrounding diversity to purify the mind and maybe tear off the mask from oneself."

Alvar Loog (Sirp): "Renate Keerd's "Pure Mind", an uncompromising, no-prisoner-type work of art that empties the whole magazine into the audience. Keerd's playfully provocative production abandons the vast majority of theater-related conventional mechanics of creating meanings and mainstream meanings, and - which is especially remarkable - loses the slightest connection with literature and literary, which has traditionally been the only foundation for any theatrical act for centuries. Such a play would beautify and enrich every theater and (why not) every rock festival."

Mele Pesti (Eesti Päevaleht): ""Pure Mind" rolled the pure game to the stage, delved into shamefully colorful subconscious, and allowed the viewer to explore their subconscious, did not fear sensuality. A sexist comment: when the chorus of the Estonian theater contains a large number of unilateral objectified female roles, in this case, beautiful young men were equally liberated."

The winner of the main prize at the 2nd Theater Youth Forum in Minsk.

Author, director, artist and musical designer

On the stage
IMRE ÕUNAPUU (Rakvere Theater)

Costumes made by
Salong Manna Couture

The show is in one part and lasts 120 minutes.
Premiere on September 27, 2013.

Supporters: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, City of Tartu, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Rakvere Theater, Kujunduskuurort, Tartu City Residency