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Silent film and live music: "One Week", "Liberty", "Behind the Screen"

Three short comedies from American silent film golden era.

Featuring legendary comedians - "sad stone face" Buster Keaton, "the fat and the skinny one" Laurel & Hardy and the "little tramp" Charlie Chaplin.

The impressive Finnish collective Cleaning Women will give voice and sound to the slapstick shows, entertaining both adults and children.

Director Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton, USA 1920, 19 min
Director Leo McCarey, USA 1929, 20 min
Director Charles Chaplin, Edward Brewer, USA 1916, 23 min
With English and Estonian subtitles.

The event is translated and published within the project "Enriching the collective multicultural culture information sphere in Estonia through web portals ( and EtnoWeb".

The project is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA).

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