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Tartu Midsummer Night festival

Held in Raadi Manor park.

4 pm - 7 pm. Everyone is welcome to the family day.

The handicraft tents offer ceramic works, drawing, rope making, plaiting hair, making willow flutes and ragdolls, felting and woodworks. Other activities include an orientation game, treasure hunt and a history trip to the manor park as well as outdoors chess and checkers matches.

A trampoline and carrousel have been set up in the park, there are small cars and go-karts, a zorb ball and the chance to have your face painted. The smallest ones can be trusted with the workers of the playground Kukerpall.

The exhibitions include a photo display about the history of Raadi and an outdoor display in the manor ruins.

8 pm - 1 am. Midsummer Night on the shore of Lake Raadi
8 pm. Folk band Keerdus Keeled
9 pm. Lighting of the bonfire and welcoming words by Tartu Town Government
9.30 pm - 1 am. Dance party featuring ensembles Folkmill and Audru Jõelaevanduse Punt.

Free admission!

Organisers: Estonian National Museum, Union of ENM Friends
Supporters: Tartu Town Government, Tartu Rural Government, Estonian National Museum, ProfiTelgid

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