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Traditional Dance Festival "Sabatants"

"Sabatants" is a unique festival that aspires to appreciate and preserve traditional dance culture.

Sabatants – a festival that values traditions and offers the dancing pleasure!
Five workshops suitable for participants with different dance experiences.
Two seminars for listening, learning and contributing.
The Finno-Ugric Days special - for the first time in Tartu.
Dance until the early morning hours all three nights.

Dance music from Estonia and abroad is played by:
Ekton Korka (Udmurtia)
Zoltán Juhász, Réka Juhász (Hungary)
Tatjana Lar and Jelena Ufimtseva (Nenets)
Edita Gumauskaitė, Artiom Opperman, Martynas Vingrys (Lithuania)
Emilija Vaiginytė, Jogintas Čepulis, Tomas Jurginas (Lithuania)
Duo Jansen/Jüssi (Norway/Estonia)
Duo Mänd/Krüsban
Krista, Raivo and Mihkel Sildoja
Maris Pihlap and Ellerlased
Aivar Arak
Kadri Lepasson
Kristi Kool
Katariina Tirmaste
Ülo Saaremõts

Tickets and prices:
Festival pass 35 €
Groups from four people 28 € (4 people with the price of 3)
Children under 12 years (including) for free and very welcome!

Festival is supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Folk Culture Centre
Mapri Ehitus
Tallinn Department of Culture
Fenno-Ugria Asutus
Hungarian Institute
Koopia Niini&Rauam

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