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Ulmefestival transforms Tartu New Theatre into a unique state of mind, where fantasy knows no borders and the sci-fi perception horizons come to life in words, sounds, and movements.

'Ulme' is an Estonian word invented by writer Henn-Kaarel Hellat in 1970. It translates not only to sci-fi /fantasy /dreams, but references to the Golden Age of sci-fi.

Eight performances are held at the festival: productions, performances, lectures, musical performances and audiovisual works. Ulmefestival invites the audience to discuss how and what is dreamed about in Estonia when fantasy does not set boundaries.

The festival has been launched by artists from the generation that have grown up with art-house science fiction such as Navigator Pirx (Piestrak, 1978), Solaris (Tarkovsky, 1972), Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (Kromanov, 1979), translations of Stanislav Lem and Isaac Asimov by Jaan Kaplinski and other writers.

Festival is held on May 17-19, 2018 and it features the artists', sound artists' and writers' interpretations on Maie Heidberg's work "Before the Last Day" (1914) and Elmar Talvis's fantastic radio play "Back to the Future" (1983), a concert performance "Back to the Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" (1979-2017) by Galaklan, Mihkel Kleis and Kiwa and the concert of multimedia ensemble White Sparks. The main performer of the festival is Tellervo Kallainen from Finland.

The main focus of the festival is on significant and little-known texts.

The artistic director of the festival is Kiwa.

The festival is part of the TUT10 programme.

May 17-19, 2018, from 12 noon to midnight, open environment:

Aivar Tõnso sound installation
Urmo Mets architecture
Fuji Hoffmann & Minna Triin Kohv atmospheres of light
Uku Zkuz / SÜNK technology

May 17

19.00 Monsieur Valdemar "Opening Ritual"
20.00 Elmar Talviste / Peeter Piiri / Roomet Jakapi / Martiini / Luulur "Back to the Future 83" (in Estonian)

May 18

19.00 Iggy Lond Malmborg "Social Fiction"
20.00 Gabriela Liivamägi "Zeljonõi"
21.00 Tellervo Kalleinen "Exaggerating Mind"
22.00 Psühhoteek "Sounds of the Space Age"

May 19

20.00 M.Kleis / Galaktlan / H.Hütt / B.Vaher / K.Noid / "Back to the Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" (in Estonian)
21.00 White Sparks "Vostok Station"
22.00 Joel Tammik / Marie Heiberg / Kaisa Selde "Before the Last Day" (in Estonian)
23.00 Ulmer "Travellers in Vacuum"

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