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Võru Folk Dance festival

Võru Folk Dance festival, which takes place on July 6-9, 2017, is titled "Valsi juur(de)" ("To the Waltz").

The 23rd Võru Folk Dance festival invites all the music and dance lovers to waltz and its roots to find the common rhythm and flavour from the different tunes of waltz.

Waltz and polka were the most-danced dances in many European cultures. Originating from an Austrian couples' dance called lendler, the waltz spread from ball rooms to village parties and was quickly adopted there.

In different places, the dance has been added or stripped of many different steps or figures, so that even within a county the people could not dance the same dance similarly.

Almost every country dances their own waltz, which share the time signature, but their rhythm and steps differ a little. Estonians have their own labajalavalss, which is quite different from the gracious flowing across the floor. And there is the hiiu valss, which may look like complete slogging to stranger.

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