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XIV Folk Music Harvest Party

The Folk Music Harvest Party, which was established in 2003, is a two-day festival, which always offers the audience something different with the emphasis being on the more intimate and authentic side of folk music.

The topic of this year's Viljandi Folk Music Festival, "Women's Voice", has given momentum to the harvest party's new and fresh ideas. Beloved folk singer Mari Kalkun has created a special project "From the Bottom of the Soul", where five charismatic female musicians make music together: Mari Kalkun, Siiri Sisask, Sänni Noormets, Tuulikki Bartosik and Aleksandra Kremenetski.

As a new format, tension is built by the duel of choirs, and a breath of fresh air is brought by Torupilli Jussi Trio and Schönberg quartet. Naturally, ethno music awards aka Ethnoladels will be awarded this year as well.

Also featured are: Duo Malva&Priks, ETNO tour of Estonia, musical journey around the lake of Viljandi, etc.

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