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Iceland: Estonian feature films at the festival "Stockfish" 28.02.2017 Reykjavík

On February 23 - March 5, 2017, Estonian feature films screen at the film festival "Stockfish" taking place in Iceland.

Germany: Estonian cultural days in Berlin 17.03.2017 Acud Kunsthaus

Estonian Cultural Society in Berlin, KAMA, celebrates its second birthday!

USA and Canada: concert tour of Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir 28.02.2017 USA
United States of America

Conducted by Kaspars Putninš, the choir will take the stage with three different a cappella repertoires: Estonian-Finnish repertoire (Pärt, Tormis, Sibelius), Pärt's choral and organ works, and Russian orthodox music.

Finland: photo exhibition "The Ambassadors of Estonian Theatre" Tampere

"The Ambassadors of Estonian Theatre", the photo exhibition of the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, introduces outstanding actors, singers and dancers, who have performed in theatres all over Estonia.

Finland: "Kädettömät – Hands Tied" in Lahti 28.02.2017 Lahti City Theatre

On February 9 - March 9, 2017, the collaboration project "Kädettömät – Hands Tied" of the Estonian Drama Theatre, Jalostamo-collective, and Lahti City Theatre is played in Lahti.

Finland: Estonian theatre days in Espoo 06.03.2017 Espoo City Theatre

At the Estonian theatre days taking place in Espoo, Tallinn City Theatre participates with the production of "Tagasitulek isa juurde" ("Return to the Father") and Endla Theatre with the production of "Olga, Irina ja mina" ("Olga, Irina, and I").

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